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SPARK Equipment Packs

SPARK content-matched equipment packs include a variety of balls, hoops, discs, bouncers, and more to meet the needs of every age group!

Each SPARK program has three vital pieces. First is the curriculum – the “what to teach”, followed by Professional development and training – the “how to teach”, and finishing with great content-matched equipment – the “tools you need to teach.” Equipment is the third important piece to each SPARK curriculum program and a key to any successful integration. Each SPARK curriculum has recommended equipment that has been hand selected and designed specifically to fulfill the needs of each curriculum, whether Physical Education, After School, ABC’s Classroom Activity & Recess, or Early Childhood.

And the best part is that we’ve done all the work for you! Each curriculum has matching equipment packages comprised of all the great equipment hand selected by SPARK content experts and bundled together in convenient packages that saves teachers and administrators valuable time and energy.

Equipment packages are brimming with the best equipment in the industry from our new exclusive provider Gopher. Choose from Standard or Premium packages, each providing all the equipment needed to support your SPARK program. Standard packages offer products and quantities suited for a schools on a budget, creating the best combination of quantity and value. Premium packages offer the ideal solution featuring products that are a step up in quality, durability, and performance.

To learn more about all the great equipment package solutions from Gopher that allow your SPARK program to flourish, click the specific equipment packages link below or contact us today!

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