is now available on

Access SPARK digital content, online training, and webinar recordings all from the same site at!

Account Log-In and Transfer Details:

View the following prompts below to understand the best way to get access to your accounts!

1. My SPARKfamily and SPARKecademy accounts are under the same email address.

If you have both a SPARKfamily and SPARKecademy account under the same email address, your SPARKecademy credits and/or certificates of completed courses transfered over to the SPARKecademy section on site. Moving forward, remember to access SPARKecademy from the site.

2. My SPARKfamily and SPARKecademy accounts are under different email addresses.

If you have both a SPARKfamily and SPARKecademy account that were created with different email addresses, contact Jeff Mushkin ( or 507-676-8330) to have your accounts combined. Please disregard the email you received to activate your new account. This needs to be done manually with Jeff’s assistance.

3. I only have a SPARKecademy account.

If you only have a SPARKecademy account – you will receive an email to activate your new account to access SPARKecademy. Your credits and/or certificates of completed courses will transfer over to this new account.

4. I only have a SPARKfamily account.

If you only have a account, you can now access SPARKecademy webinar recordings and purchase credits to complete online training.

5. I don't have a SPARKfamily or SPARKecademy account.

If you don’t have either a SPARKfamily or SPARKecademy account, create an account now at to access FREE professional development webinars, SPARK sample lesson plans and resources, plus test out the SPARK App!

What is SPARKecademy?

SPARKecademy is your online professional development resource! Become certified in a SPARK program from the comfort of your home by taking advantage of SPARK Online Professional Development within the digital platform. Plus, you can access 50+ free professional development webinars. Track your professional development hours earned to show your school/district the PD you participated in.

Access SPARKecademy by logging in to your account now!

Don’t have a account? Create one for free to access FREE professional development webinars, SPARK sample lesson plans, and test out the SPARK App!

Purchase SPARKecademy Online Training Credits HERE:

Use these credits to complete SPARK online professional development from the website. All content is accessible from a computer, tablet, and mobile device, and teachers or instructors can utilize it all when it’s convenient for them and their schedules.

Purchase multiple credits now and use them later—they do not expire!

Note: 16 credits are needed to receive “SPARK Certification” status per SPARK program (e.g., K-2 PE, High School PE, After School, etc.).

You will receive an email with a Credit Code to access the credits you purchased to complete online SPARK training. Note: Check your spam or junk folder if you haven’t received email.

Instructions for Accessing your Credits:

1. Go to
2. Log into your SPARKfamily account*
3. Click on “SPARKecademy” in the blue navigation bar
4. In the top right corner click on your name
5. Select “Enter Credit Code”
6. Copy the Credit Code from this email and enter it into the “Credit Code” box, then click the green “Get Credits” button

– Copying/pasting the Credit Code is the best way to ensure accuracy.
– When entering the code make sure that there are no spaces before or after the code.

*If you do not have a SPARKfamily account, visit the website and create an account. Note: You will not enter your new Credit Code on the “Create an Account” page. Once your account is created, follow steps 3-6 above.