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A NEW at-home physical activity program featuring easy-to-use activities for indoors or outdoors.

Is your school is using a hybrid or virtual/distancing learning model? SPARK me·we·3 is here to help keep students physically active in a home environment. The program features activities for me (individual child), we (partner = child + parent/sibling/family member), and 3 (small group = child + family members/friends).

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1-Year School License


Download content from and share it with teachers, as well as enrolled students and parents, via school email, newsletter, website, Google classrooms, etc.

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1-Year Individual Subscription


Parents or guardians can purchase an individual subscription to access the content directly. User receives one license key to

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Digital content (available on includes access to:

  • Activities, Set of 144 (72 Ea for Grades K-2 and 3-5)
  • Videos, Set of 55 (23 Ea Brain Booster Videos, 32 Ea Fast Break Videos)
  • Home Play Worksheets, Set of 20 (10 Ea for Grades K-2 and 3-5)
  • Station and Expectation Cards, Set of 40+
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Skill Cards, Set of 10
  • Activity and Challenge Tracking Cards
  • Introduction: What You Have and How to Use it Recommendations
  • At-Home Equipment Modifications Suggestions
  • SPARK Healthy Message Integration Per Activity
    • Select Fruits & Vegetables
    • Play Actively
    • Avoid excess sugar & fat
    • Reduce TV/Media Time
    • Heep H2O the Way to Go
  • SPARK Calendar
  • Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes Addressed Supporting Document

What is SPARK me·we·3? Why is SPARK me.we.3 needed? What are the goals of SPARK me.we.3?

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How do I use SPARK me·we·3?

SPARK me·we·3 activities are divided into two sections:

  1. Grades K-2: Activities for children ages 5-7
  2. Grades 3-5: Activities for children ages 8-11

Each section is divided into 6 themes:

  • ME = completed by individual child
  • WE = completed with a partner = child + parent/sibling/family members
  • 3 = completed with small groups = child + family members/friends

Each theme is broken down into skills. The activities within each skill are best completed in the order they are presented, as they build upon each other. The activities are aligned with SHAPE America National PE Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes. View the activity and Standards/Outcomes alignment here.

View Sample Activity Plans Here >>

Each activity includes the following:

  • Objectives
  • Equipment Needed
  • SPARK Healthy Message – Question or tip to share with children during warm-up or cool-down:
    • Select fruits & vegetables
    • Play actively
    • Avoid excess sugar & fat
    • Reduce TV/media time
    • Keep H2O the way to go
  • Activity Name
  • What You Dohelps you as the activity “leader” set-up and know what to do and expect; includes variations, tips, and extensions
  • What You Sayprovides the “what to say” to lead and present the activity; includes challenges

Activity Length of Time and Frequency

SPARK me·we·3 activity sessions are designed to be approximately 5-15 minutes long. However, some sessions may be played for longer durations. SPARK me·we·3 activities may be repeated anytime, and we encourage parents, family members, and children to modify and enhance them.

SPARK me·we·3 offers materials to support at least 3 activity sessions per week for 36-weeks for both K-2 and 3-5:

  • Two days per week: Utilize one of the SPARK me·we·3 activities each day
  • Third day per week: Make use of one of the videos (Brain Boosters or Fast Breaks)

Reminder: Activities may be repeated to offer more days of activity per week. In addition, there are Home Play Worksheets that can be completed 1x/month during the school year. The Activity Tracking Sheet can be used by children and parents to keep track of the activities completed and shared with the child’s physical education teacher. The Challenge Tracking Sheet allows children to keep track of their activity challenges to show improvement over time.

The 10 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Skill Definition Cards can be used 1 per month during the school year. Parent / Guardian can use these cards to define and teach the skill and facilitate discussion.

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