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The SPARK High School (HS) Physical Education (PE) Program was born from research conducted in two “real-world” settings, Alief, TX and Pittsburgh, PA, “POPI”: Pittsburgh Obesity Prevention Initiative). SPARK HS PE was shown to increase student participation, activity levels, and their subsequent enjoyment of PE class, while helping their teachers implement a standards-based approach to instruction.

From this healthy start, SPARK began an effort to disseminate lessons learned, and continue to field-test their High School PE content and instructional strategies nationwide. Many years and dozens of workshops later, today's program continues to earn rave reviews from participating High School physical educators -- and their students.

The SPARK High School Program leads with Standards and assessment strategies, then shows sample activities to help students practice to achieve the standard. The program is mired in sound instructional practice and the integration of different teaching styles and strategies. For example, participants learn the concept of Graduated Differentiated Learning, then participate actively in a sample volleyball progression that shows how it can be applied with students in "real-world" settings.

Program Components:

When a school or district chooses the SPARK High School Physical Education Program, they receive the four components necessary for successful implementation of program concepts and methods:


This easy to use 3-ring binder is designed to enhance the training experience and provide the curriculum tools necessary to instruct health promoting PE classes. The Manual includes sample standards-based lessons, assessment tools, unit plans, and more; in an easy to understand, easy to implement format. For more information on the High School PE Manual, Click Here. is a special, password-protected website where only YOU can go to view video clips of SPARK High School PE activities, use interactive alignment and assessment tools, and even watch innovative new ideas being done with students. Also included is a SPARKfit section containing fitness and nutrition focused lessons, circuit training videos, goal setting tools and more. For more information on the HS PE Curriculum Manual, the HS PE Music CD, the HS PE Folio, or the site, Click Here.


High School workshops are designed to incorporate "New PE" methods -- focusing on content selection with a more individualized theme, and activities that downplay the traditional team sport model approach. Where sports are addressed, they are more lifetime in nature, and highly modified. Teachers learn inclusion strategies that ensure every student, regardless of ability, experiences success. Attendees are also exposed to a variety of innovative assessment techniques and tools to authentically demonstrate student achievement. And, SPARK workshops build teamwork, develop staff comraderie, and they're FUN! For more information on High School PE Workshops, Click Here.


A select team of SPARK PE program developers, curriculum writers, and workshop presenters meet annually to modify the equipment sets (a set includes every item suggested by SPARK High School development experts) to align perfectly with SPARK High School PE activities and teaching strategies. For more information on High School PE Equipment sets Click Here.

4.Follow-up Support:

For new approaches to work and last, extensive, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK is committed to follow-up via their unique “SPARK Stars” institutionalization model, and by offering FREE lifetime support through 800 number and e-mail consultation. Additionally, each workshop attendee enjoys the following FREE resources: A monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities, and a monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates, teaching tips, grant $ for PE programs, and more. For more information on the FREE Lifetime Support that SPARK offers, Click Here.