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Inclusive PE Program

SPARK Inclusive Physical Education (PE) is a set of resources designed for both K-12 Physical Education teachers and paraprofessionals who work with students with temporary or permanent disabilities in general PE classes in order to include students of varying abilities in enjoyable and meaningful ways.

Program Components:

When an agency or organization chooses SPARK Inclusive PE, they receive the four components necessary to create an exemplary inclusive physical education program:


Designed to serve as a practical aid for both K-12 Physical Education teachers and paraprofessionals who work with students with temporary or permanent disabilities in general PE classes. The Inclusive PE Guidebook provides over 200 pages of resources designed for Physical Education (PE) teachers who teach a general PE class that includes students with disabilities. The guidebook provides information and strategies for creating an inclusive environment so that all students can be successful by participating in an authentic and enjoyable PE class. The guidebook includes skill adaptations, lesson modifications, sample lesson plans, and instructional strategies for 12 disability categories.


The Inclusive PE Specialty Workshop is a half or full day on-site workshop that provides strategies to create an inclusive environment, adapt activities and equipment, and accommodate students during skill-based instruction. Workshop participants learn how to modify lessons plans for specific disabilities and how to better meet the needs of their students. Workshop activities provide opportunities for hands-on learning in order to create an inclusive environment that benefits ALL students. For more information on Inclusive PE Workshops, Click Here.


Equipment is a critical component to a successful inclusive PE class. Equipment modifications, where necessary, should be made for students with disabilities. Our expert-selected, content-matched equipment list includes all of the equipment needed to teach the SPARK Inclusive PE activities. We have also provided an additional list of modified or specialized equipment when further substitutions are necessary based upon your students’ specific needs. In addition to the recommended equipment lists, we are proud to provide the Sportime Inclusive PE Starter Pack. For more information on Inclusive PE Equipment Click Here.

4.Follow-up Support:

For a program to work and last, extensive, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK offers FREE lifetime support through 800 number and e-mail consultation, a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities, and a monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates and teaching tips. For more information on the FREE Lifetime Support that SPARK offers, Click Here.

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The SPARK program has spread all over the nation and it has changed much of the thinking regarding the best methods for encouraging physical activity in youth. It has also helped to make physical...

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