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Spartan Kids Challenge

Spartan Kids, supportREALteachers, and SPARK have partnered to bring you the Spartan Kids #BEUNBREAKABLE Challenge.

Together, we are here to help in this unprecedented time.

Learn more about these SPARK partners here.

Who: Students (Elementary and Secondary) + we encourage family members to join in the fun!

What: Spartan Kids #BEUNBREAKABLE Challenge Activity Sessions

All activities are designed to be done indoors or outdoors and only with family members who are known to be healthy. We encourage responsibility – participate in activities that are suitable for you and your family considering all guidelines and recommendations of the CDC.

Where: View sessions at home (indoors and/or outdoors). Internet access required.

When: 10-week challenge starting Tuesday, April 7 and ending Friday, June 12. Sessions will be posted each week at 12:00 p.m. ET as noted below:

  • Elementary sessions posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Secondary sessions posted on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Once posted, you can view the recorded session at any time

Why: To support students accepting the challenge to be lifelong learners – advocating for their own health and wellness beyond school.

How: View Sessions 3 Ways!

  1. Join Spartan Kids Public Group on Facebook

  2. Follow SPARK on social media @SPARKPhysEd

  3. View SPARK’s YouTube Video Library

About Spartan Kids #BEUNBREAKABLE Challenge:

Each session will include the SHAPE America National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education being addressed.

Sessions will be led by a variety of instructors: SHAPE America Teachers of the Year, SPARK – The World’s Most Researched Physical Education & Physical Activity Programs – Elite Trainers, other leading educators, and Spartan reps.

A Spartan Kids Code message and SPARK healthy message will be highlighted in the session.

Sessions will make recommendations for equipment modifications at home (if applicable to activity) and will present inclusive modifications for students with various abilities.

Spartan Kids Code:

A Spartan thinks positively and is resilient through adversity

A Spartan helps others and asks for help when they need it

A Spartan understands that eating a healthy diet and exercising often keeps our bodies strong

A Spartan gets rest to help their bodies recover and grow

A Spartan understands their current abilities

A Spartan sets new goals to be the best that they can be

SPARK Healthy Environment Messages

S elect fruits & vegetables

P lay actively

A void excess sugar & fat

R educe TV/media time

K eep H2O the way to go

supportREALteachers – Pledge to Support Quality Physical Education promotes quality physical education through advocacy and free access to information and resources. Standards-based physical education taught by qualified teachers is more important than ever. Physical activity is the key to health and wellness, and REAL teachers do all they can to help their students become physically literate by teaching the skills, knowledge and virtues needed to be active for life.

Physical education teachers, administrators, parents, and students – take the pledge to support Quality Physical Education!

SPARK, a new partner for the SHAPE America Teacher of the Year program, is dedicated to providing opportunities for Teachers of the Year (TOYs) to share their successes. We are grateful to those TOYs that have chosen to share their talents through these Spartan Kids #BEUNBREAKABLE Challenge sessions. A special thank you to SHAPE America for sharing these fantastic teachers’ talents and expertise across the health and physical education community and to Gopher for providing equipment for instructors to utilize in their Spartan Kids #BEUNBREAKABLE Challenge sessions.