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When a school decides to implement a SPARK Program, an entire team of educators, researchers and staff assist in every way possible to ensure success. SPARK is committed to delivering a PROGRAM THAT WORKS AND LASTS.

The SPARK Program Approach:

SPARK is not just a book,
it’s a program.

SPARK is not just a training,
it’s a program.

SPARK is not just equipment,
it’s a program.

Each SPARK Program provides a coordinated package that includes:

1. Project Coordination

As soon as a school/agency begins working with SPARK, they are assigned a Project Coordinator (PC). The SPARK PC serves as a single point of contact and manages all the day to day concerns related to the project, e.g., staffing trainers, workshop site logistics, timely delivery of manuals, materials and equipment, and more. Every aspect is overseen by these well-trained, supportive, and positive SPARK staff.

2. Curriculum (the “what to teach”)

SPARK curricula are designed to be practical and effective tools for all physical education/activity providers. All SPARK curricula are presented in 3-ring binders for fast access to materials. Simply pull out a lesson, place it on a clipboard, and take it to class.

3. On-Site Teacher Training (the “how to teach it”)

SPARK workshops are FUN, “hands-on,” and designed to meet the needs of the host school, district, or agency. Participants learn by doing and become motivated by SPARK’s dynamic staff of professional presenters. You can also attend one of our yearly SPARK Institutes in beautiful San Diego, California. There’s one for every program and even a Level II (advanced training) for elementary educators!

4. Content-Matched Equipment (the “tools you need to teach”)

SPARK can direct order anything in the extensive Gopher Sport catalog and provide the best pricing and service. Your SPARK PC does all the work for you and ensures it’s delivered on time for your SPARK workshop or special event. Whether it’s a complete set of equipment (selected by SPARK content experts) or a single item, SPARK saves you time and money.

5. Assessment/Evaluation:

Extensive needs assessments, in service evaluations, program evaluations, teacher assessment tools and more, assure SPARK meets the specific needs of a particular school or agency and demonstrates desired outcomes. SPARK evaluation tools and the consultation on how to use them are included in every program. And don’t forget, the SPARK curricula contain myriad assessment tools as well.

6. Lifetime Follow-up Support:

For a program to work and last, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK is committed to extensive follow-up via their unique “SPARK Stars” institutionalization model, offering FREE lifetime support through 800 number and e-mail consultation, a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities and a monthly eNewsletter that includes SPARK updates and teaching tips.

7. SPARK Certification, Units of Credit, and More

SPARK is committed to being your professional family. When a person completes 12 hours of SPARK training in a subject area (e.g., K-2 PE) they receive a SPARK Certified Instructor Award and are eligible to receive a unit of credit at San Diego State University.

Additionally, with the SPARK Premium Program, the school or agency receives a colorful banner, “Welcome to our SPARK School! Healthy Kids are Better Learners.”

SPARK also offers Institutes (2 and 3 day, in-depth, subject matter projects) in San Diego and a Train the Trainers model to support institutionalization of SPARK concepts and methods.