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Street Racket – The Award-Winning Swiss Movement & Educational Concept for Schools

Date: October 18, 2023

Time: 5:00pm PT/ 8:00pm ET

Duration: 1 hour

Speaker: Marcel Straub- Founder/Owner Street Racket

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About the Webinar

Street Racket is an affordable racquet-and-ball game, easy to learn, applicable without infrastructure and supported by more than 600 types of variations. It’s currently played in more than 80 countries and over 2,400 schools, engaging an estimated 150,000 players per day.

Street Racket promotes “instant play,” the most effective engagement and participation tool for large groups at low cost and in a variety of spaces. The creative game can improve hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills for individuals and groups. As a result, it is a fast, effective and popular introduction to tennis, racketball and squash (as well as pickleball and padel) with no skill barriers and with intense social interaction.

Join the next SPARK webinar where Owner and Founder Marcel Straub will share an overview of Street Racket, explain the concepts and strategies, and show some of the most popular games used in physical education classes.

About the Speaker

Marcel Straub, the founder and director of Street Racket, was the head of the center for competence in physical education in Zurich, Switzerland, when he invented the innovative sports, health and education concept in 2017. During a sabbatical he helped a friend support the physical education system in a developing country (Dominica, Caribbean). Marcel was an international squash player for the Swiss team for almost 20 years and he was also an expert coach. So he was asked to promote table tennis during his time in Dominica, as the ministry of sports wanted to engage more in racket sports. But infrastructure was very limited (table tennis tables were really scarce) and Marcel needed to improvise. He started to draw some kind of two dimensional table tennis tables right onto the roads with chalk, and he kept improving the setup while creating more and more games and activities in the streets. In only a few weeks, the characteristic squares started to form the core of this new movement concept that is seen as the new and perfect basis for any racket sport by many experts and organizations today. Marcel quit his leading position in sports promotion to pursue his dream to move the world with his own sport. In little Switzerland, the home of Street Racket, there are already more than 5000 permanent Street Racket courts painted in schoolyards, public places, leisure centers, sports grounds and residential areas with new ones emerging every week. Plus thousands of Street Racket courts that are creatively and playfully drawn by the hands of kids with chalk every day – only to disappear again with the next rainfall. With more than 100 countries playing Street Racket, the lack of infrastructure in Dominica has lead to a new global initiative that brings lots of joy, education, empowerment, health and activities to millions of people at their very doorstep!

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