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Paul Rosengard

Move More Please! – 5 Strategies

Elementary school campuses have many opportunities to provide students with health-promoting physical activity (PA). How’s YOUR school doing with this??? Let’s agree that as physical

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Physical Education

Free SPARKhome Resources

SPARKhome Free Lesson Plans COVID-19 has caused unprecedented times and SPARK is here to help! Create a FREE account at to access 3 weeks of materials

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Physical Education

Digital Activity Sessions for At-Home PE

SPARK proudly partnered with with SPARTAN Kids and to create free activity sessions to support student activity at home! The #BEUNBREAKABLE Challenge features 20 elementary and 20 secondary sessions led

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Universal Design for Learning in Physical Education: Access and Opportunity

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5 Ways Students Can Get More Exercise Outside of Physical Education

Author: Alyssa Strickland

Instant Activities- A Great Way to Start Your Day!

Author: Jeff Mushkin

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