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K-2 Curriculum

SPARK folio for the K-2 Physical Education Curriculum Program

Enhanced K-2 Now Available in Print and Digital Options!

Get the same great researched lessons, now with an updated design and new features! Enhanced lesson plans include learning objectives and targets, reflection questions, social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies, vocabulary, and the SHAPE America National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes addressed.

Seven young SPARK students run in a grassy area.

SPARK Physical Education curriculum makes PE more inclusive, active, and fun for K-12 students. Get students active while learning key concepts that align with national and state standards. Proven again and again, the SPARK PE program produces positive results that impact students for a lifetime.

This isn’t just a curriculum – you also get training and content-matched equipment packs. SPARK PE curriculum is designed to address specific age groups and is segmented into four unique curriculums: K-2, 3-6, Middle School, and High School. Each is researched-backed with effective, specific tools and lesson plans for teachers that address the standards for students at the appropriate age.

Lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle with curriculum designed specifically for Kindergartners to 2nd graders. Get 10 instructional units with daily lesson plans designed in a scope and sequence format with over 400 corresponding activities. Access curriculum online (Set 1) or in combination with a printed manual (Set 2). Set 3 adds the best-seller, all-inclusive SPARKfolio. The custom box includes the manual plus all online resources, printed on quality paper. The SPARKfolio is organized by unit for quick access.

SPARK K-2 Physical Education program is made up of three key components:

SPARK K-2 PE Curriculum Program including the digital subscription, manual, CD set, and folio.

K-2 Physical Education Curriculum

Comprehensive, engaging curriculum for your youngest students! Lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle with curriculum designed specifically for Kindergartners to 2nd graders. Included manual has 10 instructional units with daily lesson plans designed in a scope and sequence format that align with national and state standards. Over 400 corresponding activities enhance daily lessons and engage students in health and wellness. Additional emphasis is placed on academic integration tips that cover literacy, social skills, and challenging extensions for each activity.

SPARK trainer smiles with a football in hand.

K-2 Physical Education Professional Development & Teacher Training

Bring SPARK to life and ensure program longevity with engaging, personalized trainings! The SPARK K-2 curriculum is a great start – but SPARK is not a book, it’s a program. Over the years, SPARK has tested numerous instructional strategies that are best conveyed during face-to-face training opportunities. The “what to do” (the lesson plans) come alive when the “how to do it” is provided via SPARK training. SPARK workshops are fun and “hands-on”, and teachers are motivated by SPARK’s dynamic and knowledgeable trainers. For more information on K-2 PE Workshops, contact us today! To learn more or schedule your SPARK training, contact us at 833-73 SPARK or

SPARK equipment shown includes a variety of balls, hoops, discs, bouncers, and more.

K-2 Physical Education Equipment Packages

All the quality equipment you need to successfully implement your K-2 program!
Proper equipment is the key to successfully implementing any curriculum. These hand-selected equipment packages were designed specifically for the K-2 program and include everything you need to properly instruct each activity in the SPARK curriculum. And best of all, each package is made up of the industry’s top-quality equipment exclusively from GOPHER!

SPARK K-2 Physical Education curriculum is available in three options to meet the needs of your program

SPARK Set 1 includes a 3 year digital subscription to all online services.

Set 1

3-Year Digital subscription includes online access to:
  • e-Manual
  • Hundreds of activity videos & music files
  • Assessment tools
SPARK Set 2 includes everything in Set 1, as well as a manual and CD.

Set 2

Includes Set 1 plus:
  • Printed manual
  • Music CD
SPARK Set 3 includes everything in Set 2, as well as SPARK folio.

Set 3

Includes Set 2 plus:
  • SPARKfolio, a custom box with ALL materials printed and organized by unit & topic

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