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Early Childhood Curriculum

Early Childhood Curriculum

SPARK Early Childhood Set
Curriculum Set Options:

Details on each component in section below

Curriculum Components:

  • Complete “e-Manual” with digital files of all content
  • Instructional videos of SPARK activities and dances
  • Interactive alignment and assessment tools
  • Hundreds of skill and task cards in English and Spanish
  • Audio files for use with iPod or MP3 player

  • New “Ready, Set, Go!” format on color-coded pages
  • Instructional units written in scope and sequence
  • Musical ASAP Activities for lesson warm-up and cool-down
  • More than 300 different, field-tested activities
  • Academic Integrations throughout
  • Inclusion Strategies and Limited Space Adaptations

  • A 2 CD set containing the all music you need to teach SPARK EC
  • Musical ASAP Activities that engage students with lively music and rhythmic movement skills

  • Holds and organizes teaching materials provided on
  • Color-coded and laminated cards divided by tabs for easy access
  • Save time and $ downloading, copying, and laminating

Click Here to watch a short video explaining how the SPARKfolio works!