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SPARK is designed to be more inclusive, active, and enjoyable than traditional PE classes, and more than 30 years of research support the achievements of those original goals.

SPARK is a complete program made of four key components!



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Physical Education Grades K-2

Comprehensive and engaging curriculum for your youngest students!
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Early Childhood

Comprehensive and engaging curriculum for your youngest students!
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Physical Education Grades 3-6

Improve physical activity and overall engagement in PE for grades 3 to 6!
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Active Classroom

Helping students learn and get physically active in the classroom and at recess!
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Physical Education Middle School

Focused on getting middle school students active and connecting to lessons in real-world settings!
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After School

Dynamic program designed for youth ages 5-14 in before or after school and rec programs!
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Physical Education
High School

An emphasis on learning and then participating improves overall performance in high school students!
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Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Initiative

Helping students establish lifelong healthy behaviors through a collaborative and comprehensive approach!
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Inclusive Physical Education

Strategies to ensure students of all abilities can successfully participate in PE!
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A New At-Home Physical Activity Program!
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What's New with SPARK?

The FIRST physical education curriculum & assessment app!

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