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5 Ways Students Can Get More Exercise Outside of Physical Education

If you’re a teacher, you might be concerned that your students are not getting enough exercise. But you can play a crucial role in introducing them to new ways to get fit outside of PE class. Today, programs like SPARK are providing students with the motivation and skills to move their bodies outside of school and help them pursue lifelong wellness. Here’s how you can encourage your students to stay active when school isn’t in session.

Make Active Choices

Sometimes, simply making the choice to be active in little ways throughout your day can promote better physical health. For instance, you might recommend that your students take the stairs instead of an elevator when given the option, or you may let your class take breaks after sitting at their desks for a while so that they can walk around the room and stretch their legs. You can model this for your students during school and give them tips for practicing the same habits at home.

Enjoy Exercising With Music

What if your students have expressed to you that they think exercise is boring? It can be tough for children to stay focused on exercise sometimes, and if their attention wanders, they might be tempted to switch to a different activity.

Give your students suggestions on making exercising feel more enjoyable. For example, a child engaging in a solo sport, or even practicing for a team sport by themselves, might benefit from listening to music while they exercise. If they like music, kids can use snug headphones that fit properly to listen to their favorite tunes while being active, which can make any sport more fun!

Get Involved With Team Sports

Many young people find value in team sports. Nature’s Path states that being part of a sports team can boost a child’s confidence, help them learn from their mistakes and accept failure, and find a sense of belonging with new friends. Playing team sports can help your students grow as individuals and improve their fitness.

If the students in your community don’t have many opportunities to try new sports outside of school, you might want to think about setting up an afterschool program. Depending on which resources and facilities you have access to, you may be able to build up programs for sports like basketball, frisbee golf, or even roller skating!

Try Solo Sports

Older students might be interested in trying out solo sports, such as running or swimming. Solo activities can be a great option for students who are mature enough to work out independently and would rather compete against themselves than other people. If you have students who struggle during team sports activities, you could talk to them about trying solo sports instead. You never know who might thrive in these activities!

Adventures in Nature

Introduce students to the wonders of the natural world! If your students spend more time outside, they will definitely end up getting more exercise. You may be able to help your students get active outdoors during school hours by planning activities centered around nature or suggesting outdoor field trip destinations. Install It Direct recommends starting a kid-friendly garden, hosting an outdoor scavenger hunt, or having picnics or reading time outdoors on sunny days.

Exercise is crucial for students’ health, but for many young people and their families, it isn’t a priority. If you work with students, you can change their lives for the better by supporting them in becoming more active. With these tips, you’ll be able to help your students find forms of exercise that they truly enjoy!

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