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Active Schools is a MOVEMENT. A movement for more movement – say that fast 5 times while jogging in place or jumping up & down! You know you want to try this.  

I got you active – see how easy it is to increase physical activity?

Physical activity in schools may seem like it paused during COVID-19 but now, more than ever, is the time to come together and make sure schools put physical activity at the forefront. Even though the school environment may be at home, in a school building, or a combination thereof – physical activity should be front and center.

Whether students are at school or not, it is important to increase physical activity. Active Schools is a collective of all who care about providing active schools and developing active, healthy, and happy kids. With today’s technology, it is now easier than ever to come together to support Active Schools. Leveraging the combined impact of many, we can work towards the common goal of increasing the happiness and well-being of students nationwide.  

You Can Make a Difference!

Anyone can be an Active Schools Champion. If you’re a member of a community, you can make a difference. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, physical education teacher, parent, or principal. ANYONE who is passionate about creating an environment that supports physical activity and active, healthy, active, and happy kids should become a champion for active schools.

We all need physical activity, but for students, it’s about setting them up for a lifetime of healthy habits. 

The benefits of physical activity include disease prevention, better mental health, and more academic success. Who doesn’t want this for all students?  

How to Become a Champion:

You may not think of yourself as a “champion” but YOU ARE! Do you advocate for, support, promote, back, defend, protect, or encourage healthy, active, happy kids? If so, you are a champion and we want you to join the movement!

Become an Active Schools Champion – It’s free and you receive access to valuable resources.

SPARK and many other organizations are proud to be partners of Active Schools along with many teachers, parents, and principals who are already Active Schools Champions.  

Please share this with others – the more champions working together, the more impact we can make! 

View free lessons from SPARK – The World’s Most Researched Physical Education & Physical Activity Programs here.  

Learn more about Active Schools here

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