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Keep ‘Em Moving: Create PE Videos to Keep Students Moving

When students are out of school how can we keep them moving? Teachers can play a big role in helping with this by creating activity videos for students to do at home during weekends and breaks. Here are some tips on how to get started.

The Benefits of Creating Videos

There are a few reasons why it’s worth creating PE videos for students to use at home during breaks. First, it can help your students stay active and healthy during times where they may be moving less. Second, it can help prevent them from gaining weight or becoming sedentary during the break, which is easy to do if they have less structure than a school day. And third, it can help maintain their fitness and physical activity levels as they prepare for sports and other after school activities. While not all of your students will buy into using these videos, it’s still a great way to offer them opportunities to stay active.

Choose Exercises They Can Do at Home

Physical education activities don’t have to be restricted to the gym; there are plenty of exercises you can share with students that they can do at home. Whether you’re looking for drills for dribbling a basketball or passing a soccer ball, tips for stretching safely, or exercises that use household items as props, there are loads of options available.

Try recording short demonstrations of yoga poses and simple Pilates moves or post tutorials on creative dance steps and other formative activities. You may want to consider more energetic exercises, too, such as arm circles and jumping jacks. If you have balls or weights available at school, ask a student to demonstrate how to use them correctly in each video. Finally, remember to end each video by encouraging students to drink plenty of water and stretch.

Stock Footage Can Make This Task Easier

Working with royalty-free stock footage is an easy way to create PE videos for students. With stock footage, PE teachers can find video content that is instructional, energizing, and safe for all ages. Additionally, these royalty-free videos allow instructors to select content that aligns perfectly with their educational objectives. Best of all, these gems of multimedia knowledge can be easily accessed online, making them not only visually impressive but highly convenient as well.

Easy Ways to Share Your Videos

To get started, create a shared space where your students can access the videos. If you’re using Google Classroom as your platform of choice, you can simply paste relevant links into assignments, or you could use YouTube or Vimeo and then share channels or playlists directly via the platform.

It’s also worth considering pre-made lesson plans or sport-focused websites that offer copyright-free instructional documents along with short video clips embedded in the content. Whichever way you choose to share the videos, make sure that all resources are organized in one central location to maximize access and ensure that everyone is able to join in on the learning. As the holiday break approaches, many students will be looking for ways to stay active. Creating PE videos is a great way to provide students with guidance and motivation while they are away from school. When planning your videos, be sure to include a variety of exercises that can be performed without equipment. Students of all ages and abilities can follow along, and the videos can be easily shared with friends and family. With a little creativity, you can create PE videos that will help students stay fit and healthy until it’s time to return to school.

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