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A Healthy Beginning:

The original SPARK Physical Education (PE) study was supported by the Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health. A team of internationally known researchers and educators were funded to create, implement, and evaluate new and innovative approaches to physical education content and instruction, then test them in “real world” settings.

SPARK PE was designed to be more inclusive, active, and fun than traditional PE classes, and SPARK was proven to work with both physical education specialists and classroom teachers. Today, after lessons learned from more than 20 years of ongoing research and field testing nationwide, SPARK PE is one of the best physical education programs in the world – a true solution to our growing problem of overweight and obese children.

SPARK's Positive Effects: Tested and Proven

Today, over 45 publications have documented the positive effects of SPARK PE -- such as:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Increased moderate to vigorous physical activity in students (to over 50% of class time)
  • Fitness achievement (as measured by the Fitnessgram test)
  • Sport skills development (throw, catch, kick)
  • Enjoyment of PE
  • Improved teacher instruction (quantity and quality)
  • SPARK effects are lasting (sustainability)

(For a complete list of publications, Click Here)

(For a list of awards and honors SPARK has earned, Click Here)

SPARK Physical Education Programs

SPARK PE includes the following evidence-based programs:

Elementary Physical Education:

  1. K-2 PE
  2. 3-6 PE

Secondary Physical Education:

  1. Middle School PE
  2. High School PE

University Methods Instructors:

  1. SPARKuniversity - Elementary PE
  2. SPARKuniversity - Secondary PE

Each SPARK program is a coordinated package of highly active curriculum, on-site staff development, extensive follow-up support, and expert selected, content-matched equipment.

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